director / producer / shooter

Specializing in documentary, unscripted television and hybrid docu-fiction projects, I've been working in New York's production industry for almost ten years.

In addition to a collection of independent documentaries, short films and live music projects, my TV credits include shows for HBO, IFC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, the Food Network, the Cooking Channel, MTV and A&E.

I am currently in production on a documentary about the life and love lessons of soul veteran Lee Fields and his hot new band, The Expressions, as he brings down the house night after night in the second act of a tumultuous music career that spans four decades and counting.

I am also in development on an ambitious hybrid documentary & comedy called DUCK SOUP IN PALESTINE, that resets the Marx Brothers' classic in the occupied West Bank, testing boundaries both real and imagined.

As a field director and producer, my strengths lie in the wide breadth of experience I've garnered working my way up through the ranks. Creativity and imagination are supported by solid practical knowledge of logistics and management and an ability to execute no matter the challenge.

Intimacy with subjects, playing with the lines between reality and performance, and striking, cinematic videography are key to my own personal style.